Staged editing error in season six of Selling Sunset on Netflix

People spot huge editing error which proves Selling Sunset season six was staged

Big yikes!


People have pointed out a huge editing error in season six of Selling Sunset on Netflix, which proves a scene on the show was staged, and definitely recorded more than once. Yikes!

In episode seven of Selling Sunset season six, Jason goes out for a drink and is joined by Chrishell. He orders an Aperol Spritz, and Chrishell comes and meets him at the table. It was the first time they’d met up since they were together, and Chrishell wanted to make Jason aware Nicole was spreading rumours he had “favourited” Chrishell with listings.

However, as the chat goes on, people have noticed the amount of drink in Jason’s (two!) Aperol Spritzes continued to go up and down. One minute he’d have two full glasses, next minute just one that’s practically empty, and then his glass was full again.

A clip of the scene is going viral on TikTok, currently with two million views. People in the comments have been discussing how clips are cut up and presented to the viewers in a different order, so conversations and reactions aren’t all they might seem.

“This is why Love Is Blind uses the cups it does….then you can’t see messy editing,” one person commented. “So many editing errors throughout,” another said.

This isn’t the first time Selling Sunset has been called out for appearing staged. There were loads of moments in the last season that we’re badly edited proving bits were re-recorded, and one particularly laughable moment was when Jason was “on the phone to an important client” but was actually… on his camera app.


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