Spotify playlist in a bottle

Spotify has launched a Playlist in a Bottle, here’s how to create yours

Once you lock it in and save it, you can’t access your playlist again until Jan 2024

It feels like Spotify is already getting us ready for our 2023 Spotify Wrapped graphics as they’ve just launched a new feature called Playlist in a Bottle that users won’t be able to see until January 2024.

The Playlist in a Bottle feature allows you to create a fun playlist that will be locked away until January 2024 in a little time capsule and it’s so cute. You get to choose three songs in the playlist and then leave the rest to Spotify. You’ll have no idea what songs end up being added onto the playlist until you open it next year. Here’s how to find the feature on Spotify and how to create your Playlist in a Bottle.

How to create your Spotify Playlist in a Bottle for January 2024

Okay so the first question in the Playlist in a Bottle feature asks you where you’d like to store your playlist. The options are: a bottle, the pocket in your jeans, inside an acorn, a lunchbox, in a teddy bear or a gumball machine.

The next question then asks you to select your first song. You are given a choice of 11 prompts that they can add a song to – with the playlist only requiring a minimum of three. Here are all the prompts you can choose so you can have a think before you select your three songs.

• A song you need to hear live in 2023

• A song that’s going to be this summer’s anthem

• A song you’re convinced was written about you

• A song you’d play to hear for the first time again

• A song that should be here just because

• A song that you’re secretly obsessed with

• A song that sounds like the year 3023

• A song that won’t make any sense a year from now

• A song that reminds you of your favourite person

• A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year

• A song that’s going t be a classic by next year

Once you have picked your three tracks, you’ll be asked if you want to keep going or if you’re done. If you choose to keep going, you can choose more songs for the rest of the prompts in the list. You also have the option to change any of the choices you’ve made once you say you’re done. However once they’re locked in, you won’t be able to go back and change them so choose wisely.

You can access your Playlist in a Bottle feature here via mobile device.

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