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Um, there’s a Shrek Rave coming to a UK city near you and it looks totally unhinged

Buying my Lord Farquaad costume as we speak x


We’re only three days into 2023 and I’m already nominating this event as the most unhinged night out of year: Shrek Rave. Break dancing dragons, twerking fairy godmothers, two-stepping Pinocchios— the concept sounds like you’re on hallucinogenics. But thanks to the chokehold the Pixar classic has on the internet, the Shrek Rave has been packed out at every location it visited in the US. And soon, it comes to the UK.

In the next week, the Shrek Rave is announcing dates across the country. And everyone in the event’s TikTok comments has actually been begging the organisers to bring the tour to Bath, Bristol, Nottingham and Scotland. So, in case you’re planning on attending the strangest rave of the year, here’s everything there is to know about Shrek Rave before the viral night out hits the UK.


Shrek is love Shrek is life 🤣💚 @Shrekrave #shrekrave

♬ Originalton – Lukas

Everyone goes full out for the fancy dress

I cannot say loudly enough how committed to the fancy dress cause everyone that goes to Shrek Rave is. I never thought I’d see a sexy ogre (green fish nets, obv), or a Lord Farquaad impersonator with a plunging neckline, but now I have, the slutting-silly combo seems to be the only way to go. Desperate to speak to somebody who met their boyfriend at this night out. Please, get in touch if that is you.

You drink swamp water instead of vodka lems

The drinks offering at a Shrek Rave was never going to be normal. And looking at the menu from when the event was State-side, you’ve got three cocktail options: Swamp water, the Fiona, or the Shrek. By far the most lethal is definitely the Swap Water. As you’d expect, its murky green and contains tequila, apple Sourz, melon Sourz and Sprite. Reports say more than three could right you off.

There are shit tonnes of dance offs

Perhaps due to the sheer amount of Swamp Water everyone’s drinking, there are a load of dance offs constantly going on at Shrek Rave. Special mention, though, to the group of guys who didn’t break dance amongst the crowd but ordered bottle service to their table. It takes commitment to be ostentatiously boujee even when surrounded by cartoon characters.

The director of Shrek might turn up

Yup, Vicky Jenson of Shark Tale and Shrek creator fame actually went to a Shrek Rave back in October and said seeing everyone all dressed up melted her heart. It really does make you question the power of the internet.

The DJ will almost certainly remix Smash Mouth with Avicii

In potentially the most cursed mash up of the decade, Shrek Rave DJ’s have been sampling Smash Mouth’s All Star over the top of Avicii’s Levels. Expect also “what are you doing in my swamp” said repeatedly over hardcore EDM and Funkytown by Lipps Inc on repeat.


played back to back @Shrekrave this weekend 💚 so much fun!!!! 🥳🥳 #shrekrave #shrek #shrekislove #dj

♬ original sound – CAM

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