The Traitors memes roundup

The Traitors is the best reality TV of 2022, and this fresh batch of 22 memes proves it

Amanda has changed the trajectory of my life forever

One batch of memes just wasn’t enough, because here we come again with a second roundup of tweets from the greatest reality TV show of 2022 – The Traitors. The Traitors has changed the pop culture landscape forever, and part of that is down to how much the chaos, carnage and scheming has united the funniest minds on Twitter to tweet banger after banger that will make you laugh your tits off after the sorrow of losing our queen, Amanda. Here’s your roundup of memes from The Traitors after the carnage of last night!

1. Going to be a long Christmas

2. Slowly but surely, I realised that actually… I can’t go to the shop in my pyjamas for a pint of milk even if I wanted to

3. Spot me like a game of Where’s Wally

4. Abolish the monarchy, except for one queen


6. Not the Winkleman fringe hahaha

7. Yes we did!!

8. Me banishing my mum

9. Nah that breakfast looks insane

10. He’s literally the love of my life

11. Not to be dramatic but he’s a work of art

12. Love Ar Claud

13. The campest video I’ve ever seen

14. We coming

15. Holly and Phil will not skip this one

16. They struck gold laydehs

17. The perfect successor to Cheryl

18. It’s not too late to change the subject, change it NOW, and bring her back!!!

19. Bonjour ladies!

20. Stop this right now

21. Queen of getting nothing right


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I hate to break it to you, but the last episode of BBC’s The Traitors is next week