Rajah Drag Race favouritism

Rajah O’Hara says she thinks there was ‘favouritism’ on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World

She said she had to speak to producers about it at one point

Rajah O’Hara has addressed allegations of “favouritism” from production on Canada’s Drag Race Vs the World after she was asked about it at a viewing party.

Speaking at Roscoe’s Tavern viewing party, long the home of the real spilling of Drag Race tea, Naysha Lopez asked Rajah O’Hara and Vanity Milan “Did you guys at all feel there was any favouritism, we discussed this with Icesis and she did, she said she felt there was and that it really f*cked with her.”

Rajah then said “I don’t want to say that they were playing favouritism, but there was a little bit of some favouritism. One time I actually had to speak out about it so it was kind of like, it made me feel really uncomfortable.” Rajah then said she couldn’t give any further details on the subject – which I assume is due to contractual reasons considering she’s still competing on the show.

Rajah did go on to clarify that the favouritism wasn’t in favour of her or for Vanity Milan – the hosts then at Roscoe’s said that when Icesis was there she had implied that the favouritism was towards the Canadian queens competing. Rajah said “I wouldn’t say it was favouritism towards anyone on this stage [her and Vanity].” The hosts then say “Icesis said that. She said it was definitely for Canada, them trying to keep the title in Canada.”

Vanity Milan then said “I understand it was a TV show. I was there for me and me only. My redemption from season three into Canada’s Vs the World was more important to me – and showing the world that I had something to prove.”

The Tab has approached Crave for comment.

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