Matty Healy autotune

All of Matty Healy’s autotune one-liners from The 1975 tour, ranked

DoN’t LiKe MeNtHoLs

Wake up babe, new Matty Healy autotune clip from The 1975 tour just dropped! Nothing is bringing me more joy right now than seeing what flippant comment Ar Matty decided to quip down the microphone in performances of I Like America and America Likes Me and TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME. Aka, the band’s best two songs – but we can fight about that later. What we’re here to fight about right now is the definitive ranked list of Matty Healy autotune adlibs on tour that you can’t escape on your TikTok FYP right now. In true Healy egomaniac fashion, I’m declaring my ranking is the only correct one. Thank me later.

9. Someone’s hurt in the middle

A simple helpful direction of “Someone’s hurt in the middle, sort that out.” Whilst I appreciate Matty doing this, it’s just not fun! No laughs to be found here. Hope the fan was okay.

8. Someone’s fallen down over there

See previous, but slightly more fun because he tells everyone to “stop standing there like bunch of dickheads”.

7. Like motherf*cking Young Thug

“Like motherf*cking Young Thug. That’s how I’m feeling. OI!!!!!!” is a random trio of quips, and the lack of cohesion sees it fall at the latter half of the list.

6. Not you guys

Matty barks “FUCK YOU!” at unknown assailants, before clarifying that it wasn’t the fans. Hence the perfectly autotune “Not you guys, didn’t mean you guys”. Considerate and clarifying king.

5. This is a good crowd

Oh to be told that you’re a good crowd by the sexiest man alive. One can only dream.

4. This is a f*cking tune

I mean, it is. Let’s be honest.

3. I’m just as hot as you

“I’m just as hot as you, I’m just as hot as you – PHYSICALLY. But I mean I’m hotter in general.” I’m glad that Matty refers to the truth when it comes to temperature and attractiveness here. He’s right on both counts. Even when he’s gnawing on a hock of raw meat, he is hotter than I could ever hope to be. Unfortunately.

2. Sorry about your seats guys

“I love you, though. Shit seats to be fair.” He’s so real for that honesty.

1. Don’t throw menthols on this stage – don’t like menthols


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