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Rounding up all the easter eggs from Wednesday on Netflix that you definitely missed

I was shaking when Christina Ricci did the classic clicks

Nothing like a jolt of nostalgia, is there? Nothing for me is more nostalgic than the world of The Addams Family – with a childhood spent watching both the first and second spooky family films every time the temperature got colder and the days got shorter. Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday sees Jenna Ortega step into the black ensembles of everyone’s favourite family member, our deadpan goth queen named after the hump day itself. Wednesday has been a huge success for Netflix, but I bet even the biggest fans haven’t clocked all of these hidden easter eggs throughout the episodes.

The show has really kept fans of horror and the original source material absolutely fed!


You know how you clap along to the Friends theme tune every time you hear the line “So no one told you life was gonna be this way?” The double clicks are what you do every time the classic Addams Family theme kicks in. In the show, Wednesday has to do the iconic double click to get into the secret Night Shades meeting spot.

Miss Thornhill then ALSO does the double click, which is super satisfying considering she played Wednesday Addams in the 90s films. God, I love this show.

Pilgrim World

In my opinion, the most iconic scene in Addams Family Values is when Wednesday absolutely annihilates the Thanksgiving play and the essence of the holiday and gives the most legendary smirk in film history. Jericho having Pilgrim World is a clear nod to the 90s sequel.

Wednesday’s archery abilities

Also in Addams Family Values, Wednesday was proficient with a bow and arrow. In the Netflix adaptation, one of the easter eggs is that Wednesday is once again a sharp shooter when it comes to archery.

Cousin Itt pic

I missed the presence of the big ball of hair that the Addams family call their Cousin Itt in the show, so I cheered when there was a picture of the iconic character in the Night Shades’ basement.

The girl scout line

In the first 90s film, Wednesday asks a pesky girl scout if the scouts cookies she’s persistently flogging are “made from real girl scouts”. The iconic quip in episode three of the Netflix show when Wednesday says “I eat girl scouts for breakfast” is a throwback nod to it.

The school gargoyles all mean something

Production designer Mark Scruton told Variety that all the gargoyles in Nevermore represent a different faction, like the sirens and the vampires. He said: “The gargoyles reference different characters, and there’s a big plot point hidden there.”

The coffee shop weathervanes all reference Tim Burton films

One of them has a top hat on, referring to Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Another one features the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow!

The Edgar Allan Poe references

In Wednesday, Edgar Allan Poe is one of Nevermore’s most famous alumni, and there are lots of nods to his work throughout the season. This is mostly seen in the Poe Cup during episode two, where all the boats the Nevermore students use for their chaotic race take design inspiration from the works of Poe.

There are also ravens everywhere throughout the show – and ravens are famously associated with Edgar Allan Poe.

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