These are the uni cities where students are most likely to have had things stolen

Almost half of students have had possessions stolen in the past two years

Whether it’s Fiat 500s in the student area, laptops in the library, or TVs from your uni house, students are no strangers to having things taken from them. One grad even recently said she had her stolen phone given back to her after the thief saw her graduation pics on it.

New research has found that almost half of university students have had items stolen in the past two years. Research from MoneySuperMarket has revealed which cities university students were most likely to have had belongings stolen in the past two years.

It found Edinburgh students were the least likely to have had possessions stolen, with only 30 per cent saying they’ve experienced this in the past two years. At the other end of the scale was Belfast, with a whopping 71 per cent – almost three quarters of students there. This was followed by Coventry (68 per cent), Brighton and Hove (65 per cent), and York (62 per cent).

These are the uni cities where students have had items stolen within the past two years, ranked from lowest to highest:

Edinburgh – 30 per cent

Portsmouth – 37 per cent

Plymouth – 38 per cent

Glasgow  – 39 per cent

London – 41 per cent

Aberdeen – 41 per cent

Swansea – 43 per cent

Norwich – 43 per cent

Newcastle – 43 per cent

Oxford – 44 per cent

Bristol – 45 per cent

Sheffield – 47 per cent

Leeds – 48 per cent

Liverpool – 49 per cent

Manchester – 51 per cent

Birmingham – 51 per cent

Southampton – 54 per cent

Cambridge – 55 per cent

Leicester – 56 per cent

Aberystwyth – 60 per cent

Cardiff – 61 per cent

York – 62 per cent

Brighton and Hove – 65 per cent

Coventry – 68 per cent

Belfast – 71 per cent

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