Im a celeb intro clips

All the I’m A Celeb intro clips from the 2022 theme tune, ranked by how cursed they are

This show loves making the reality TV girlies blow a kiss

You know those little animated movements ITV force the campmates to film for the title sequence year after year on I’m A Celeb? I recently came to the realisation that there’s no possible way to do one without causing global ick. The 2022 cast of I’m A Celeb have fallen into the usual tropes with the intro clips – all the classics are present. There’s always the same bunch that crop up, and none of them are good. I literally tried out a few below to prove my point:

I’m laughing but dying inside at how I will likely never get a boyfriend now the internet’s seen that. But I digress: The 2022 I’m A Celeb cast have had to do the usual intro clips whilst ITV holds them hostage inside glittering letters, so I ranked them all by how cursed they are. You’re welcome.

12. Sue Cleaver

The only celeb of the year who gets off ick-free is, unsurprisingly, HRH Sue Cleaver. A polite and friendly smile is all you need, folks!

11. Jill Scott

Jill also manages to keep it pretty successful, until you really look at it and she starts to look like she’s being held at gunpoint. A bit intense!

10. Mike Tindall

You are not a certified heterosexual #BLOKE until ITV make you fiddle with your blazer button in their letter prison. Because that’s what MANLY MEN DO.

9. Olivia Attwood

The short lived campmate Olivia Attwood found herself as the annual kiss blower. If you’re one of the girlies who’s ever been classed as glam in any way, shape or form – rest assured you’re blowing a kiss.

8. Owen Warner

What the wannabe James Bond is going on here? A salute? I beg someone let Owen know that he’s not from the secret service, he’s from Hollyoaks.

7. Scarlette Douglas

Scarlette also ends up doing the same kisses blow that Olivia did, but hers is a double for some reason. Double the kiss, double the level of cursed.

6. Chris Moyles

Ooo look at me! I’m Chris Moyles from the radio, giving a blasé shrug so you all watching at home can be shocked that I’m on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Why am I doing this! I’m too famous to be here! Right? Shrug, shrug!

5. Charlene White

There are very little I’m A Celeb intro clips more embarrassing than the fake scared one. If I got asked to do this I would refuse. Charlene, however, gave it significant welly.

4. Matt Hancock

Im a Celeb intro clips

An arm fold isn’t the cursed, but seeing Matt Hancock smiling out at me like that every night on the TV causes me so much trauma that there’s no WAY that he wouldn’t be haunting the top five.

3. Boy George

Im a Celeb intro clips

Boy George decided to spend his couple of seconds in motion doing some strange vogue hybrid and a deeply unsettling scream / cackle hybrid. It is pure evil.

2. Babatúndé Aléshé

Im a Celeb intro clips

What the Machiavellian, mischievous, deeply naughty imp is going on here?

1. Seann Walsh

Im a Celeb intro clips

Seann Walsh spins around grinning and then jumps! Frightened! What a joker! It’s a joke about as funny as anything else he’s said in the miserable days since he entered the jungle. More laughs can be found at funerals.

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