Matt Hancock I'm a Celeb memes

Just 21 memes about Matt Hancock’s I’m A Celeb intro for you to sink your teeth into

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The worst kept secret in reality TV history finally became official in last night’s I’m A Celeb, when the world got their first watch of the jumpscare Matt Hancock VT. He’s going in to that jungle, and we all know full well he’s going to face every trial under the Australasian sun until he’s inevitably booted out. But as horrifying as the Matt Hancock I’m A Celeb into VT was, the memes on Twitter made it all worthwhile. Savage ain’t even the word.

Here’s a roundup of all the funniest Matt Hancock I’m A Celeb memes for your cringing pleasure.

1. Okay, not a meme – but the picture alone is horrifying enough to kick off this roundup

2. The jungle snakes have nothing on him

3. This laugh just stopped me in my tracks

4. Glasto tickets haven’t got anything on this

5. Drag him Carol

6. He’s in danger I fear

7. Never forget those crocodile tears

8. Old but gold

9. These teeth are causing international rage and trauma

10. I let out a gasp

11. A proper toughie

12. In the words of Trey C, I’m ready

13. Why did he sign up for this show may I ask?

14. It’s really brought us together tbf

15. But like WHY did they do that

16. End of

17. No one is happy!!!

18. Cheater theme

19. No I just laughed out loud

20. The scariest film of the year if we’re being honest

21. Bye


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