Johnathan Amy MAFS UK

Oh my god! Johnathan from MAFS UK now looks to be dating Amy from last year’s season

They’ve been photographed holding hands AND went to Turtle Bay together 👀

The Married at First Sight UK gossip just shows no sign of slowing done, because the latest news is that Johnathan Wileman from this year’s season looks to be dating MAFS alumni Amy Christophers from the 2021 year.

Not only were the two hanging out as a pair with Matt Murray from this year and Marilyse from last year, another pair rumoured to be dating after going on holiday together, they’ve now been pictured holding hands and even had a romantic night at Turtle Bay together.

Now, this I’d be inclined to say could all be circumstantial and gossip, if it wasn’t for Amy and Johnathan sharing the paparazzi holding hands pictures to their own story? I’m just speculating here, but would you do that if you weren’t actually dating?


Johnathan was with Amy for the launch of her new line of earrings at an event in Liverpool, where he was sat directly next to her at the table. The two then went for a slap-up meal at Turtle Bay.

Cosy x

Both Amy and Johnathan failed to secure a lasting relationship on their respective seasons of MAFS UK. Johnathan and Sophie renewed their final vows again at the end of this year’s season but had separated by the reunion, and the same with Amy and her assigned husband Josh in 2021.

Johnathan caused controversy this year when he made comments on what Sophie should do at the gym to avoid getting “horse legs”.

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