Debunked: Okay so this is what actually happens when you screenshot a BeReal

Gone are the days when you could screenshot something and get away with it

Getting a good screenshot is a work of art, it’s very sneaky and makes you feel clever when it’s pulled off correctly but when it goes wrong you feel like the dumbest person alive. Unfortunately knowing what happens when you screenshot on BeReal is something most people learn the hard way. A lot of people think they can just screenshot a BeReal and get away with it but the app has different plans for them. This is great news for people who post a few questionable things on the app like taking a BeReal poo or sharing top secret chats.

So if you are thinking about screenshotting a BeReal then you should really think twice. Here’s a full rundown of what happens when you screenshot a BeReal and how to find out who took a screenshot of yours.

What happens when I screenshot a BeReal?

BeReal isn’t like Snapchat in the sense that it doesn’t send push notifications if someone screenshots so if you do decide to screenshot someone’s post you could be in the clear if they don’t check their app after posting. But users will be able to see the number of screenshots that particular post has had as well as the list of people who took a screenshot if they tap on their post and expand it.

Here’s how to see the person who screenshotted your BeReal

It’s not as easy as clicking on the small square and a name popping up, BeReal wants you to work for it. So here’s how you can see the guilty screenshotter:

1. Click on the small square with the number of screenshots inside

2. Click the share button

3. Choose how you want to share your BeReal

4. Go back to your original BeReal post and see who shared your image

The next step is optional but it’s always fun to comment on the BeReal of whoever screenshotted yours calling them out. Enjoy!

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