Phoebe Bridgers Paul Mescal split

A deep dive into the relationship timeline of Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers

And now they’re reportedly engaged omg

Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal announced their engagement and it’s got everyone talking about their relationship timeline. Mum and dad – sorry, Phoebe and Paul were reported to be dating in 2020 and one year later they made it public. The world has been obsessed with them ever since, so here’s everything we know about the relationship timeline of our beloved Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal.

December 2019: Paul’s top streamed artist was Phoebe Bridgers

We all loved Spotify wrapped, even Paul Mescal. In 2019 he shared his most streamed artists and at the very top of the list was Phoebe Bridgers so make of that what you will.

May 2020: Paul and Phoebe talk on Twitter

Phoebe and Paul had a public exchange on Twitter in 2020. Phoebe revealed she had finished Normal People, which sees Paul playing the lead character Connell, Phoebe tweeted: “Finished Normal People and now I’m sad and horny oh wait.”

Paul tweeted back saying: “I’m officially dead.” and Phoebe replied: “Nooo don’t die you’re so talented aha.” A big mood.

May 2020: They host an Instagram Live together

Right so about a week later, Paul and Phoebe hosted an Instagram Live together for Wonderland magazine. During the live Paul told Phoebe he loves her music and she told him the comment made her blush. At this point we were all shaking but then reports from The Mirror came out and claimed the pair were stayed online after having drinks together.

June 2020: Phoebe calls Paul a ‘cute boy’ and says he followed her on Instagram

In an interview with NME, Phoebe called Paul “the cute boy” from Normal People. She said she had a “little pitter-patter” in her heart when she realised Paul followed her on Instagram.

July 2020: Phoebe flies to Ireland to see Paul

Okay this is a crucial moment in the Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal relationship timeline because she flew across the Atlantic to go and see him. The pair met for brunch in a cafe in Kinsale, Ireland.

November 2020: Paul speaks about a ‘girlfriend’

At this point nothing was made public by the couple. But in an interview with GQ, Paul spoke about his “girlfriend”. The article says Paul references his girlfriend as a “lifesaver” and added, “To have someone to lean on through such a mad, mad time has been invaluable. Really, I don’t know where I’d be without her.”

December 2020: Paul appears in Phoebe’s music video

Paul Mescal appeared in the music video for Saviour Complex, Phoebe Bridgers song. What makes this entire video better though is the fact Phoebe Waller-Bridge also featured. The crossover and music video of my dreams.

November 2021: Their first red carpet debut

Okay so they kept things pretty quiet until this point. The couple appeared on the red carpet for the first time in November 2021 despite never publicly confirming anything. They were walking the carpet together presented by Gucci.

December 2021: They go Instagram official

Christmas came early on 11 December 2021 when Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal went Instagram official. They posted a selfie together by the sea and it broke the internet.

February 2022: Another photo together

After going Instagram official back in December, they posted another photo together in February. Phoebe shared a photo of the couple lying down with each other as someone reads in the background. A very candid and cute photo!!

April 2022: Fans think the couple are engaged

Okay so this was the first engagement rumours. Back in April this year fans thought Paul and Phoebe were engaged after a source told The Sun the singer was introducing the actor as her “fiancé” over Coachella weekend.

May 2022: The Met Gala

Paul and Phoebe attend the Met Gala together after she was reportedly introducing him as her fiancé over the weekend. He was even wearing a ring on his engagement finger so obviously we all went wild for that.

November 2022: Paul essentially confirms their engagement

In an interview with Paul Mescal for The Guardian, the journalist says the two men on Twitter and “are now engaged.” However since being published the article has been amended to say they are “reported to be engaged” but fans are still convinced it’s true.

Feature image via @phoebebridgers on Instagram.

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