Just 10 scarily accurate predictions for I’m A Celeb 2022 that will not be proven wrong

Boy George deffo gets biggest moaner after mushroomgate

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is back with a new bunch of campmates, but – let’s face it – that’s the only thing that’s fresh this year. They’ve still carted out the same tired traditions and trials, and it’s just business as usual in that Australian jungle despite the fact we’ve not been back there for two years due to Covid. And with the fact that it’s just the usual old I’m A Celeb fair, it’s easy to make predictions about the campmates this season.

With that in mind, here’s a bunch of predictions on how this cast are going to be this season, with all the most likelys I could muster. If any of these end up wrong, I’ll eat my silly little jungle hat right now.

Biggest moaner
Boy George

I’m sorry, but it’s barely even day two in that camp and Boy George nearly erupted in fury because Charlene didn’t cook some mushrooms for long enough. The camp will not know peace from that man’s moans.

First out
Seann Walsh

Olivia Attwood’s sad untimely exit aside, I think due to arrive latecomer Seann Walsh will be the first to be trotting along that bridge to Ant and Dec when the public vote boots off. Matt Hancock is more generally despised, but I think people will keep him around to see him suffer in the Bushtucker trials. Seann Walsh is just disliked and… there.

Jill Scott

The Lionesses won the Women’s Euro, and now Jill Scott already seems like the most likely campmate to win the jungle crown. She’s likeable, a team player and got a good all round vibe. Cherish her!

Best friendship
Owen Warner and Chris Moyles

An unlikely pairing, but one that is only going to get stronger by the week as Chris Moyles enacts his plan to see how much he can convince Owen Warner of. Poor, gullible, gorgeous Owen.

Campmate who has to do the most trials
A tie between Babatundé and Matt Hancock

Babatundé so far definitely seems like this year’s Dean Gaffney – but he might be about to be let off the hook when Hancock walks in because you know damn well the public want to see the adulterer Matt be covered in every evil thing that jungle has living in it.

Drama causer
Boy George

There’s something machiavellianly evil about this man!

Most underrated
Sue Cleaver

I know we’re only a day or so into the show, but where the bloody hell is Sue Cleaver? Sue seems to be missing in action, and my predictions are telling me that I can see her ending up the most underrated I’m A Celeb campmate. Get the camera on our Eileen!

Loudest screamer

Scream once and say “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” on the top of a building? Consider your fate sealed.

Most likely to quit
Boy George

This diva ain’t happy, and it’s only downhill from here I fear.

Most likely to wear a navy jacket
Ant and Dec

Sorry but do they ever bloody wear anything else?

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