The Watcher Rotten Tomatoes

The Watcher has been slated by critics and has a score of 36 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes

Let’s face it, the awful ending is to blame

The Watcher is the latest Ryan Murphy show to come to Netflix, because that man has no annual leave at all and makes more telly than I have hot dinners. The show shot right to the top of the Netflix top 10, as we all binged the dramatic adaptation of the true events – but critics were less hot on it, and The Watcher has a bleak 36 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. Certified ROTTEN.

Let’s deep dive into how savage critics have been on The Watcher for its sad, sad 36 per cent Rotten Tomatoes score…

‘Unforgettable true story, forgettable miniseries’

In a savage (but, if we’re being real, quite fair) review, The Hollywood Reporter says “a singularly striking story has been transformed into just another ripped-from-the-headlines drama in an endless sea of content, neither bad enough to sink to the bottom nor good enough to float to the top.”

A lot of the criticism goes towards how Ryan Murphy and co have embellished an already wild true story with nonsensical extras that push the show into stupid territory. Forbes said the following: “As the show went on, I kept thinking “this is based on a true story? Seriously?” It turns out while the foundation of the story is true, so much absurdity is layered on top of it to make it into this drama, that it loses everything that originally made the story genuinely interesting.”

The Wrap summed it up in exactly the way I felt about The Watcher, to be honest, saying: “If you’re in the mood for pure camp, The Watcher will entertain you for an hour or so before you’re yelling at it to get off your lawn.” Burn.

Everyone hates the last episode

Everyone can let slide a shit episode in the middle of a season (Looking at you, Stranger Things season two) but when your finale is a bonafide stinker, it’s hard for a show to live it down. The finale of The Watcher is by FAR the most hated episode and is likely a large factor in why the show has gone down like a lead balloon with audiences and critics alike.

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