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A look inside the absolute vibey Instagrams of the cast of Netflix’s The Midnight Club

I have never seen so many polaroids in my life

The Midnight Club has just dropped on Netflix today and it has already broken The Guinness Book of World Records for having the most scripted jump scares in a single episode of television. Just a casual 21, if you were wondering about how many times you’ll need to shield your eyes. The Midnight Club is Mike Flanagan’s latest series on Netflix, the genius behind The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor. The new series follows a group of teenagers with terminal illnesses at a hospice. Each night the teens gather together at midnight to tell scary stories but then one of them dies and it all goes downhill from there.

The cast may doing all they can to scare absolutely anyone who dares to watch the show, but in real life they are actually the biggest vibes according to their Instagrams. While you decide when you want to brave The Midnight Club, have a look inside the absolute vibey Instagrams of the cast:

Iman Benson

Iman Benson plays Ilonka who is one of the teens at the hospice. Iman doesn’t post much on her Instagram with only 23 posts with many of them being over two years old. But from what she has posted, she loves a film camera aesthetic.

Her Instagram is full of photos of her with her friends enjoying life and I’m quite obsessed with all the pictures. Truly something for the history books like the show she stars in has already conquered.

Igby Rigney

Igby plays Kevin, another patient at Brightcliffe Hospice who has leukemia. Similar to his co-star Iman, Igby doesn’t posta whole lot on Instagram with only 21 posts. When he does post, it is usually a series of selfies or behind the scenes videos and pictures with his co-stars.

Ruth Codd

Anya, a “rebellious” teenager at Brightcliffe Hospice is portrayed by Ruth Codd. Ruth’s acting debut was in The Midnight Club and so it makes sense there are only 12 posts on her Instagram account. From what is posted, Ruth really likes Captain Lee from Below Deck and you know what she is so valid for that. She also posts pictures with friends and her dog.

William Chris Sumpter

William stars in The Midnight Club as Spencer, a Brightcliffe Hospice patient. who has HIV. William only has 2,600 followers on Instagram but he is very active and posts often. Whether it’s grainy photos, polaroids or the most aesthetically pleasing selfies ever, William has every aspect for having the best Instagram locked down.

Aya Furukawa

Aya plays Natsuki in the new Netflix series and she is another patient part of The Midnight Clube who has ovarian cancer. Aya is fairly active on Instagram and they share a range of different photos with their partner, friends and some of the best mirror selfies I have ever seen.

Annarah Cymone

Annarah plays Sandra, a patient at the hospice who has lymphoma. Annarah previously starred in Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass so is no stranger to the Netflix horror game. Her Instagram is filled with selfies, polaroids and pictures with her family. All in all, a very wholesome vibe.

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