Tory Party protest

Several people were kicked out of a Tory LGBT party for allegedly making homophobic slurs

A Conservative spokesperson said ‘if those involved are identified as members of the Party, we will launch swift investigations’

Content warning: Discussion of homophobic slurs

It has been claimed that several people were kicked out of an LGBT+ diversity event at the Tory Party conference after making homophobic slurs. On Tuesday 4th October 2022, hundreds of Tory party members and lobbyists attended an event at Reflex nightclub in Birmingham. The event at Reflex was organised by LGBT Conservatives on the final night of the Tory conference and anyone who had a security pass was allowed in attendance. The event was overshadowed following several incidents of homophobia.

Two sources told ITV News that several people in attendance at the party had to be removed for allegedly using abusive language. One man was removed from the event after allegedly calling a gay man a “f**”, while another was asked to leave after calling two women a “dirty l*****”.

Elena Bunbury, Chair of LGBT Conservatives, spoke out about the alleged homophobic slurs used at the Tory Party event. In a tweet she said: “The abuse my team at LGBT Conservatives have had tonight is disgusting. We’ve run a free event and it’s spoilt by the few that feel the need to be abusive, not on at all. Thank you to those who were respectful, it means a lot.”

One of the victims told ITV News: “We kicked someone out who was blind drunk and called me a dirty l***** and that I needed to watch my back. I don’t feel like I morally fit in anymore.” It has been claimed that the individuals using the offensive language were both Conservative party members, but these claims are unverified.

A spokesperson for the Conservatives said: “We have had discussions with LGBT+ Conservatives regarding this incident, which took place outside of the conference secure zone, and offered them out support. If those involved are identified as members of the Party, we will launch swift investigations.

“Any form of discrimination or abuse is wrong and complaints can be made in confidence under our Code of Conduct.”

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