Married at First Sight UK couples

Right, which of the MAFS UK couples are actually still together? An investigation

There’s not a chance Adrian and Thomas are still married

Married at First Sight UK is a show about love, but for a dating show it rarely ever ends in happily ever after. In the show’s history, only two couples remain together – which is pretty woeful statistics for a show that prides itself on its expert matchmaking. But which Married at First Sight UK couples from 2022 are still together, as we approach the final hurdle? Here’s a thorough investigation (and a lot of guess work).

Adrian and Thomas
Prediction? Not together

Love Adrian and love Thomas, but there’s no way these two are still together. Eight weeks living together and not a crumb of sex? This is a friendship – and Thomas has implied on Instagram lives that they’re no longer a couple.

Jordan and Chanita
Prediction? Still together

These two have huge Adam and Tayah from season six vibes, and my prediction is that they’re definitely still together. The two seem really solid and I can’t see them splitting any time soon – and their positive social media vibes seem to back it up.

Zoe and Jenna
Prediction? Still together

I mean, look at them. Vegan squabbles aside, they’re still posting selfies like this and I would bet my bottom dollar that they’re still loved up.

April and George
Prediction? Not together

In the wake of George’s arrest, I’d pretty much guarantee these two are not together. There are hardly any pictures of George on April’s Instagram and even the wedding pics from the show are just of April. Yikes.

Kwame and Kasia
Prediction? Not together

It speaks ginormous volumes when the ONLY picture of Kwame Kasia has on her Instagram is this iconic dragging. There is no way in hell these two are still together and if they are I will eat my shoe right now.

Jonathan and Sophie
Prediction? Together??? Unsure

The most stumping of all the couples is if Sophie and Jonathan are still together. It could honestly go either way, and they’ve had a rocky rollercoaster of a journey on the show thanks to his absolutely awful comments. Social media isn’t helping either way. The jury is out!

Whitney and Matt
Prediction? Still together – sadly!

I think these two of all the Married at First Sight UK couples are still together. And the only other note I have to say on the matter can be summed up in one word: ADULTERERS

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