Someone’s selling the real Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses for $150k after Netflix show success

Ok but why would you want them?

Following the success of the Netflix true crime drama about his life and crimes, someone is selling the real glasses that belonged to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer had signature aviator glasses, just like the ones shown in the Netflix series, in real life – and now you can actually buy them – if for some reason you wanted to.

A man called Taylor James, who runs Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, has told TMZ he’s willing to sell on his “collectible” item for the small price of $150k. He managed to get hold of them, and a load of other Dahmer “merchandise” a couple of years ago, after being contacted by a former housekeeper for Jeffrey’s father, Lionel.

Taylor agreed to manage and sell the collection through his website for a portion of the profit and now because the case is back in the public eye, he thinks he can sell the lot on and make loads of cash. Cult collectibles is currently selling a bunch of things that belonged to the killer, including his copy of the bible from prison, family pictures, letters, and even his urn. Yes, really.

In 1991, Dahmer was arrested for killing 17 boys and men between the late 1970s and early 1990s. He was also found to have been eating or preserving the body parts of some of his victims. The 10-part series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, tells the shocking story of the case, from the perspective of Dahmer, his family, neighbours and victims.

One thing the series got wrong about the case in real life is that Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t actually wear his signature glasses in court – he didn’t want to make eye contact with, or be able to even see, the families of those he had killed.

See the full merchandise list here.

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