Is Club 219 real? The nightclub featured in the Dahmer series on Netflix

The serial killer picked up many of his victims there

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has brought the chilling case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer back into the limelight – and one of the main locations used in the true crime series is a nightclub called Club 219.

In the show, Jeffrey Dahmer is seen visiting the bar and picking up multiple victims before bringing them back to his apartment. Club 219 is one of the first locations we see in the series, where Jeffrey Dahmer offered men money to come back to his place and have their photos taken. He killed an estimated 17 young men and boys between 1978 and 1991. So, is Club 219 from the Dahmer series on Netflix a real place? What is it like in real life? Here’s everything we know.

Club 219 in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

via Netflix

Yes, Club 219 is real and Jeffrey Dahmer did visit it

Club 219 was a real gay bar in Milwaukee, and Jeffrey Dahmer did visit it. According to Wisconsin LGBT History Project, Club 219 opened in February 1981 and was widely renowned as one of the best spots in the area, especially at New Year’s. It was a popular drag show spot. “Club 219 for many years was the place for good times, as the bar gained a stellar reputation for dance; the bar carried on the tradition of bright lights, blaring music, high-energy dance and parties. For some years it was THE place to be on New Year’s Eve,” the site says. Dahmer’s apartment was only about an eight-minute drive from the venue.

However, the club is closed today. Its popularity began to decline when more bars opened up in the area, and after it was revealed to the public that Dahmer often picked up victims here, it struggled to get custom. Another gay bar, La Cage Aux Folles, opened in 1984 and Club 219 struggled to compete. In October 2005, 14 years after Dahmer was arrested, the bar shut down completely.

Club 219 now

The location now, via Google Maps

A look on Google Maps appears to show that Club 219 is now a different bar.

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