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What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbour Glenda Cleveland?

Glenda repeatedly reported Dahmer to the police


Netflix’s new limited series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, explores the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his victims. Evan Peters stars in the titular role but one key figure in the Dahmer story was his neighbour, Glenda Cleveland. In an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jim Stingl said Dahmer’s crimes could have stopped “two months earlier” if the police had listened to Cleveland when she voiced her concerns about her neighbour.

But who was Glenda Cleveland, and where is she now?

Who was Glenda Cleveland?

Glenda Cleveland was Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbour who reported him to the police on multiple occasions. In 1991, she tried to voice her suspicions to the police again about Dahmer after her daughter and niece, Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress, saw a naked teenage boy who was bleeding and running away from Dahmer in the early hours of the morning.

Cleveland’s daughter and niece tried to protect him from Dahmer and they called the police but they believed Dahmer after he claimed the boy was his boyfriend who was drunk. Speaking with AP News, Sandra explained how she tried to give the policeman their names but he told them to “butt out”.

Reportedly, Glenda Cleveland called the police and tried to convince them the boy was actually a child, but no action was taken against Dahmer. The boy was confirmed to be Konerak Sinthasomphone, a 14-year-old who Dahmer murdered.

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What happened to Glenda Cleveland?

After Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced and imprisoned, Glenda continued to live in the area and was labelled a heroine in her local community. She received multiple awards from women’s groups and the Milwaukee Police Department for her role in the Dahmer case.

Glenda Cleveland passed away on December 24th 2010, at 56 years old. In the years before her death, Glenda spent her time looking after her grandchildren.

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Who plays Glenda Cleveland in Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer?

Netflix’s latest true crime series was released on Wednesday 21st September 2022 and it follows the story of Jeffrey Dahmer and his crimes as well as Glenda’s role in the case. American actress Niecy Nash stars as Glenda Cleveland. She is well known for her role in Reno 911 as well as her recurring role in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, as Dr. Jamie Ryan.

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