Netflix TUDUM 2022

Netflix spills dates and first looks for shows such as Dead To Me, Outer Banks and Bridgerton

We’ve had updates about YOU, Emily in Paris, Never Have I Ever, The Crown and even more!

Netflix has released a whole load of news and updates for some of its biggest and our most favourite shows. Today, Netflix had its TUDUM event, where on YouTube a whole bunch of stars spilled loads about the shows they are in.

This included first looks at new seasons, news, release dates and so much more. Honestly, I’m shaking with how much we’ve been told. Here’s a rundown of it all.

Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown gave us an update on Enola Holmes 2, and shared a first look at the new movie. Millie Bobby Brown is back as the brilliant detective in the film, and unveiled the new trailer. The sequel drops on Netflix on November 4th.


Bridgerton fans! Dearest Readers, we’ve had a first look at the new season and the new spin-off, all about Queen Charlotte. Nicola Coughlan read out Lady Whistledown’s first newsletter from the new episodes, and we had a sneak peek at young Queen Charlotte, too. 

The Crown

I am SCREAMING, because we’ve had a look at the newest season of The Crown, which is officially expected on November 9th!! Mark your calendars!!! The story of Diana is set to continue further into the new episodes.

Emily in Paris

Season three of Emily in Paris has finished filming, and to be honest, I won’t rest until I know which guy Emily is going to choose and what’s going to happen to her next. IT’S COMING ON DECEMBER 21ST!!


Yes. we’ve finally had a first look at the new Wednesday Addams film, too!

Never Have I Ever

We caught up with the cast of Never Have I Ever, who shared season three is coming, Paxton is BACK, there’s a new heartthrob at Sherman Oaks AND someone gets MARRIED!!!!


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, some updates on season four of YOU. In a preview, we’ve been told Joe is no longer the doting husband in the suburbs, and is now embracing a new life as Professor Jonathan Moore, focusing on academia. Season four part one premieres February 10th and part two premieres on March 10th. Watch the first look here:

And read all about the new updates on the show here.

Squid Game

There’s not much more to say about Squid Game season two, because the story is still in development. However, the actors and writer joined the Netflix TUDUM event to chat about how huge the show got, and share a deleted scene from season one.

Dead To Me

It seems like forever since we last got an injection of the dark humour from Jen and Judy, but fear not, it’s back in the coming months! We’ve had a first look at the third and final season of Dead To Me, coming to Netflix on November 17th.

Outer Banks

Ok, don’t shoot the messenger, but we got next to nothing about Outer Banks. Yeah we got a fun first look at the Pogues in season three, but other than that the release date was just given as “2023”. I still love them always, though.

Stranger Things

Guys, you can’t expect news on Stranger Things 5 just yet, this show takes literally years between seasons. But, we got bloopers from season four! And tbh, these are so cute my heart has been left full.

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