Umm, this man filmed Boris Johnson on Snapchat searching for drugs at 6am in his home

‘Wagwan Boris?’

A man has shared a Snapchat video of Boris Johnson inside his home at 6am on a drugs raid with the Metropolitan Police.

In the video the man holding the phone says: “Wagwan Boris?” and Boris, who is wearing a protective vest, smiles and says: “Good morning, how are you doing?”

In a separate video the man said it felt like he was in a film. He said: “This is actually mad. I saw Boris Johnson in my face. Do you know how drunk I was last night? I feel like a madman. I woke up to a 6am raid and Boris Jonson is in my face. Bro, how the fuck did I get raided and Boris Johnson’s there?”

Boris Johnson referenced the drug raid later on saying how important the element of surprise is. He added: “The gentleman was suddenly surprised to see me at the foot of his bed at 5:30 in the morning, he seemed remarkably pleased actually.”

The Metropolitan Police said it made an arrest in relation to further questions after the operation. A man in his 20s was arrested at a different house, in York Hill, Lambeth, on suspicion of supplying class A drugs.

This news comes as Boris Johnson embarks on a farewell tour around the UK after being voted out of Downing Street by other Tory party members. Yesterday Boris defended officers noting that class B drugs, paraphernalia and a suspected drugs line phone were found in some properties on the raid.

He told Sky News: “Well, I’ve just seen them. I tell you what, I’ve just seen a bunch of police officers who woke quite a lot of drug dealers this morning and they woke them long before they were expecting to have their breakfast. They woke them with arrants, and they woke them with the news that they were under arrest for causing misery in the communities of London. And that’s what I want the police to do, that’s what Priti wants them to do. I thank them for what they’re doing. They’re doing an absolutely fantastic job.”

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