Pretty Little Liars plots quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you remember all the mad plots in Pretty Little Liars

If you get full marks, maybe it’s time to stop rewatching x

Pretty Little Liars was a staple teen drama for many growing up, and whether it was the absolute chaos that the girls created across Rosewood or the extremely unhealthy friendships, there was something that always made us go back to it. No matter how many twin storylines and straight up ridiculous plots it threw at us, Pretty Little Liars fans always came back desperate for more. After seven seasons of madness, can you recall every mad plot that happened in Pretty Little Liars? If you can cast your mind back to the early 2010s when all you cared about was finding out where you could buy Alison’s yellow top and who A was, then have a go at this quiz to see how well you remember all the mad plots that happened in Pretty Little Liars:

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