One in four graduates haven’t learned to cook by the time they’ve left university

I’m literally 90 per cent Ristorante pizzas at this point

Roughly one in four graduates admitted that even after leaving university, they still haven’t learned to cook.

While 47 per cent of grads said their culinary skills had improved during their student days, 28 per cent were still shovelling frozen pizzas into the oven and ordering takeaways by the end of their degrees.

The findings come as part of a survey by SEGA and Two Point Studios in which over 2,000 graduates from across the UK were quizzed on their dietary habits.

Two thirds of grads said they prioritised saving money on food shops over the nutritional value of the food they were buying.

In fact, over half of all the survey respondents said that their budget was the single biggest factor when thinking about what to eat at uni.

A quarter of students said they relied on frozen food while another quarter said they opted microwave meals.

The ongoing cost of living crisis means that student are increasingly finding it difficult to find the cash to spend on food.

According to the NUS, 11 per cent of students are using foodbanks– this figure has more than doubled since January.

A spokesperson for the NUS said that students were now on the “brink” and demanded the government table “a tailored cost of living support package for students as a matter of urgency.”

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