Inside Noah Schnapp and Ekin-Su’s iconic friendship that has us all in a chokehold

How are they both living my dream rn??

Over the weekend Stranger Things’ Noah Schanpp revealed he has been in Ekin-Su’s DMs after she won season eight of Love Island.

17-year-old Noah, who plays Will Byers, was on Instagram live with co-star Millie Bobby Brown when he said: “I DM’d Ekin-Su and she answered me.”

Like the rest of us, Millie was shaking and Noah then dropped the fact he has video called Ekin-Su. After Millie did her best impression of Davide saying: “You are a liar, an actress”.

Since Love Island 2022 started, Noah has been a big fan. He’s been commenting on Instagram posts made by the cast. More recently he commented “Yes!!!!” when Ekin-Su shared a photo revealing her and Davide as the winners.

Fans of the show literally can’t get over how wild this cross over is. One person on Twitter said: “Noah Schnapp following Ekin-Su will never not be funny to me.”

Another person asked if Noah could get her a Stranger Things cameo – imagine. Ekin-Su talking to thee Will Byers is too much for me to handle, I think I’d combust if she was actually ever in Stranger Things.

A fan on Twitter said: “Not Noah Schnapp messaging Ekin-Su and then video chatting her. I love that he uses his celebrity status to become friends with his faves. Literally so iconic, I would do the same.”

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