Hold up: These 11 films have been around for an entire decade and now I feel ancient

Get ready to go and panic buy some anti-wrinkle cream

2012, what a year. We saw London host the Olympics, Sweden win Eurovision, and the iconic Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen was released. Some of you may be thinking “but that was surely only about five years ago?” – whilst you definitely won’t be alone in this, you are unfortunately wrong, as all of these things in fact happened a whole entire decade ago.

As well as all these glorious British events, some truly iconic films came out too, from the last ever Twilight to ultimate bop of a film, Pitch Perfect. Just to make you feel *incredibly* old, these films are all whopping ten years old. Here they all are, read it and weep:

The Hunger Games

The first instalment of this teen (and adult, let’s be real) classic launched onto our screens and into our hearts in March 2012 to rave reviews and teens up and down the country fantasising about someone they disliked getting picked to participate in the game.

Pitch Perfect

The film that single handedly redeemed the reputation of a cappella across the world and somehow made it a socially acceptable again. The film that made the whole nation fall in love with Benn Platt, relating to him perhaps a little too much as the nerdy outcast Benji.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Teens across the UK were weeping with heartbreak as the final instalment of this iconic series was released. Ending with possibly the most heart-stopping finale scenes in cinematic – or at romantic teen drama – history. Bringing with it a close to the #TeamEdward vs #TeamJacob debates which had already claimed the lives of many teen friendships.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This film is mostly memorable owing to the shocking debut of Emma Watson’s pixie cut ‘do. English students from all over flocked to see the sensitive Percy Jackson write letters about the trials and tribulations of his high school experience – *cries into a Taylor Swift Red album t-shirt*. And you defo wished for a friendship group that iconic.


Ah yes, what we all thought would be Daniel Craig’s last bond film – and up until No Time To Diethe bond film we thought he probably should have ended with. The iconic duo of Daniel Craig and Judy Dench won us all over, with a little Scottish scenery thrown in to make sure the reviews across the whole of the UK were good.

Magic Mike

Possibly the worst film to watch with your parents – especially as your mum mistakenly thought it was about a magician. To be fair, some of the tricks on display were pretty spectacular, and far better than having to sit trapped inside the village hall as the local clown tries to entertain everyone, despite the fact that his box of tricks were in fact a Poundland special.

21 Jump Street

From one Channing Tatum classic to another, this man really provided for us in 2012 and we thank him for it. This gem of a film made all of us grab our besties and try to convince them to join the force with us so we could live out our ultimate partners in crime dream. Meanwhile making us low-key suspicious of everyone in our class, trying to sniff out any under-covers lurking behind lockers.


No Disney film has created more feminists than Brave. Nor has any Disney film been responsible for so many appalling Scottish accents, inspiring far too many of us to practise our best “aye”s around the classroom and throwing in “wee” as an adjective at any opportunity. To this day, I still wonder if I could pull off dyeing my hair flaming red, but my deliberation for the past 10 years suggests not.

This Means War

The film that graced every teen sleepover in 2012. Chris Pine? Tom Hardy? Reece Witherspoon? CIA agents using all their resources to woo a girl? This film is single-handedly responsible for setting unrealistic romantic standards for an entire generation.

The Lorax

There is something to be said about being sad when your favourite childhood crushes Zac Efron and Taylor Swift cross into the world of voice-over work. The end of an era, and a signal that they are officially getting older.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Cameron Diaz, Chase Crawford, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, J-Lo, Chris Rock, and basically every other person in Hollywood in one film? With fake baby bumps? Mothers up and down the country panicked, worried that this film would induce baby fever in their darling daughters, but little did they know that all the labour scenes had truly put us off for life – sorry, no grandchildren after all.

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