Terminally-ill lecturer who moonied speeding camera cleared of any wrongdoing

‘It was a good laugh,’ says Darrell Meekcom

A terminally ill-lecturer who moonied a speed camera as part of his bucket list has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Darrell Meekcom, who taught medical students at Birmingham City University, bared his cheeks to a speed camera van last November.

Later that day, three police cars rocked up to his home in Worcestershire, demanding to be let in.

The 55-year-old, who has Parkinson’s disease, allegedly failed to co-operate with police and was wrestled to the ground before being placed in handcuffs.


Meekcom being arrested by police via SWNS

During his arrest, he reportedly called one officer a “cunt” before breaking into a rendition of Monty Python’s Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

Darrell Meekcom was taken to the police station and was later released, pending an investigation.

After the story made headlines, an artist known as the Scottish Banksy spray-painted a picture of Bart Simpson flashing his bum at police, in honour of Meekcom’s antics.

At one court appointment earlier in the year, Meekcom rocked up in a t-shirt of this image.


via SWNS

Yesterday, the registered nurse was finally cleared of a public order offence at Redditch Magistrates Court.

He slammed West Murcia Police for “changing the charge three times” adding that “when you’re unwell, you don’t want to do this.”

On the outcome of the trial, he told MailOnline: “I’m extremely pleased. The truth like oil comes to the surface. You don’t go to those extremes. The magistrates summed it up perfectly. It was taking a mallet to smash an acorn. It was just a bunch of young kids, there was no leadership there.

“They said only the one bodycam was able to be used as evidence. I was saying that wasn’t fair. My solicitor twice contacted West Mercia Police three times to get further footage.

“It has been unbelievable really since last November. The police interview at the station, they were really rude. They changed the charges three times. When you’re unwell, you don’t want this.

“I maybe shouldn’t have done it anyway, but when you’re dying you think of things differently.”


Darrell Meekcom via SWNS

West Murcia Police said that they have received a complaint about their conduct and are in the process of reviewing it.

Justice Charles Townsend said: “After a lengthy hearing and a lengthy discussion, we conclude as follows.

“We note that at no point during the hour long plus incident did you cooperate with or inform the police of any health issues until you were taken to ground.

“We feel the police acted quite lawfully on Friday November 5th by arresting you.

“However, given the serious health conditions you are faced with, clenching your hands in the way that you did was justified, given the potential consequences of your hands being placed behind your back.

“Therefore we find you not guilty of resisting arrest and that your defence of self-protection has been accepted.

“You’re free to leave.”

Reflecting on the incident, Meekcom said: “It was a good laugh.”

Featured image via SWNS

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