This is the exact meal deal each of the Love Island 2022 cast would get, end of

Ekin-Su is a Diet Coke girly through and through

Every single year we get people who reckon they know the Love Island cast inside out but it’s just not possible. How can you even think you know someone when you don’t know their meal deal order? Truth is, you get to learn a lot about someone’s psychological wiring when you become aware of what they’d choose to spend their £3 on at Tesco.

So here’s a ranking of the cast of Love Island 2022 based on their meal deal order.

Luca Bish

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Luca Bish, would obviously get a prawn mayo sandwich and for that reason he’s at the bottom. For a snack he’d opt for Sour Cream Pringles and to wash it all down he’d have something childish like Cherry Pepsi.

Andrew Le Page

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You can’t just have a surname like Le Page and not indulge yourself in an egg and spinach protein pot for a snack. He’s also an estate agent so he’ll get a bottle of Evian (specifically the 75cl one). Now Andrew’s sandwich is important to him. A sandwich is crucial to a man’s identity and Andrew, being from the Channel Islands, screams “tradition” and for that reason only he would pick up a coronation chicken sandwich.

Paige Thorne

Paige is a paramedic so she needs something which she can grab and go – meal deals are perfect for her. She has a tuna and sweetcorn vibe to her – it’s all she knows from her uni days. Also paramedics give off Volvic water energy so she’d get a bottle of that. Paige is pretty cheeky hun, so she’ll swap the crisps for a Twix and eat it like this.

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Gemma Owens

Love Island chain restaurants

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Gemma is 19-years-old and for that reason she will have a yoghurt snack for calcium. She’ll have a citrus Oasis which will help wash down the chicken and bacon pasta. Mm, yummy!

Adam Collard

adam collard women's aid

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This season Adam Collard isn’t Collarding. He’s boring and that’s all been reflected in his meal deal option. First up he’d go for a ham and cheddar sub – the only person known to mankind to actually touch those Tesco subs. He’d also go for sweet chilli Sensations because what else? Anf in terms of drink he’d have a Green Machine Naked Smoothie.

Dami Hope

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Dami’s meal deal has wrap all over and it’s a rogue one because I feel like he’s quite unpredictable. So his wrap is the onion bhaji and chicken one and of course he’d get a little satay snack and then a Pepsi Max to glug down at the end.

Davide Sanclimenti

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Davide’s order is very Italian. Our Italian king would have spicy chicken pasta, the orange San Pelly and his Italian snack would be…green olives with herbs! A decent meal deal but of course the olives let him down massively.

Tasha Ghouri

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Tasha isn’t a woman of flavour so she’d have the salmon and tuna sushi – it’s boujee and makes her feel cool. She’ll also grab a bag of plain salty Walkers and an Innocent smoothie, specifically the Inner Winner pink one.

Indiyah Polack

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Indiyah strikes me as someone who enjoys putting Hula Hoops on her finger tips and eating them like that. So naturally she will have to have giant Hula Hoops for a snack alongside her falafel and hummus wrap. She’d drink all of this down with a fruit twist Fanta because she finds the orange one too strong.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu

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Our queen and saviour Ekin-Su would OF COURSE get a Diet Coke – she is a DC girly through and through. Her wrap of choice is sweet chilli chicken and for a bit of crunch after she’d go for salt and vinegar McCoys. She’s not afraid of flavour.

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