Liz Truss ‘slagged off’ her old school and now everyone’s rinsing her for it

Her comments have been described as ‘shameful’

Liz Truss, one of the final two contenders to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, is under fire for comments made about her former school.

In a televised debate she attacked her old secondary school Roundhay, a comprehensive in Leeds, for “low expectations, poor educational standards and lack of opportunity”… seemingly forgetting that it was in a Conservative constituency under Thatcher’s government when she attended.

Her old school is currently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, and many who attended the school are furious about what Truss has said.

Martin Pengelly, an editor for the Guardian, also attended Roundhay around the same time as Truss and claims in an opinion piece that she’s is “selectively deploying her upbringing… for simple political gain.”

Labour councillor for Leeds Jonathan Pryor didn’t hold back either – “The only people letting down children are the Tories… all she seems to do now is slag the north off to try to curry favour with friends down in Westminster.”


Truss has said she “saw children who failed and were let down by low expectations” at her school.

Previously she has claimed that when she was a student “there was too little time spent making sure everyone could read and write” because they were being taught about racism and sexism, she said. This comment, made in a speech back in 2020, was called “bonkers” by critics, and sections of it have now reportedly been removed from the government website.

Roundhay School in Leeds (image via Google Maps Streetview)

Fabian Hamilton, who has been the MP for Leeds North East (which includes Roundhay School) for over twenty years, describes the school as “an excellent educational institution for decades” and said the comments made by Truss were “shameful.”

Featured image via ITV

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