Tory villain quiz

Quiz: Plan a night out and we’ll tell you which Tory villain you are

If you get up to no good in the club, you’re defo Matt Hancock

From pres, to the club itself to the filthy scran you get on the way home, everyone has their very specific night out routines.

In isolation, these factors would be harmless activities. Combined in your unique way, however, with a load of alcohol chucked into the mix, they tease out an evil creature that exists at the very core of your being. The creature in question is your inner Tory villain.

But obviously every Tory villain has their own characteristics that separate them from one another. Granted, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are evil, but we mustn’t paint them with the same brush. They’re odious human beings in their special way. Never take that away from them.

So, with that in mind, take this quiz and plan a night out. Then, and only then, will we tell you which Tory villain you are.

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