Ex-Casa Amor Islander claims she had a connection with Andrew that we were never shown

Apparently he called her the girl of his dreams, yikes

Dumped Casa Amor bombshell, Jazmine Nichol, claimed on Murad Merali’s latest podcast episode that while in the villa she had a strong connection with fellow Islander Andrew. Despite not being shown in the episodes, Jazmine said she spoke to Andrew for hours when she first entered the villa after he initially pulled her for a chat.

Jazmine claims when she spoke to Andrew he had told her: “I manifested you Jaz, you’re the girl of my dreams”, and expressed how he was looking forward to meeting her family on the outside and that she was the girl he had been waiting for to enter the villa. Jazmine claims that Andrew said she and Cheyanne were in his top two.

via Instagram @jazminejaynenichol

In the Casa Amor recoupling, Andrew recoupled with Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge, despite claims from Jazmine that “Coco was never mentioned” when it came to the connections Andrew had with girls in the villa. Jazmine said the boys in the villa made the decision to not get to know her because she liked Andrew and she was “for Andrew”.

Jazmine said: “So everyone around me is painting that I’m going to come out with this boyfriend, because all the boys are like: ‘This is the girl, this is the girl’.” When it came to sleeping arrangements, Jazmine claims she had a conversation with Andrew and he said: “I’m going to sleep outside on the daybed to respect Tasha. But it’s not because I don’t want to share it with you.” However, as viewers saw in the episodes, Andrew shared a bed with Coco. Jazmine claims that she and Coco were close in the villa and after telling Coco how much she liked Andrew, “she [Coco] went up on the terrace and kissed him.”

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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