Debunked: The internet thinks Santan Dave is dead but shocker, it’s a lie

The hoax claims he died on his birthday

British rapper Santan Dave has been caught up in a cruel hoax on social media, with reports claiming the rapper has died. The rapper is famously known for calling out Boris Johnson during his Brit Award performance in 2020 and his songs Funky Friday and Thiago Silva making music chart history.

Twitter has been flooded with reports that the rapper has died, but as always not everything you read online is true.

So, is Dave dead?

No. On July 5th, reports started to claim that the rapper had died after being stabbed on his birthday. All these different reports are from false celebrity news websites spreading false information. Over the weekend, Wireless Festival took place at Crystal Palace and American rapper, Jack Harlow, shared a video to his Instagram of the two playing table tennis after the festival.

Further claims said the rapper had been stabbed on his birthday this month, when in actual fact his birthday was last month on June 5th, which he released a song about titled: “My 24th Birthday”. On the day the claims were made, Dave posted a photo of himself in London on Instagram, showing himself to be very much alive.

Pictured is rapper Santan Dave who fell victim to a death hoax

via Instagram @santandave

Dave is set to headline this weekend’s Wireless Festival in Birmingham on Friday. Dave isn’t the first celebrity to fall victim to a death hoax, as childhood TV star Mister Maker has been embroiled in a death hoax rumour since 2008.

Featured image credit via Instagram @santandave.

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