These Stranger Things behind the scenes production photos and videos are Demogorgeous

I can’t handle how much I love this show

Stranger Things four volume two drops so soon but fans have barely recovered from volume one. The effort put into this season is wild, the cast and crew worked so hard to make one of the best shows in the whole entire world. From Vecna’s make up to the set design, everything was perfect and flawless. Just to create the Upside Down the art department used 63,432 lbs of urethane resins, 272,500 inches of rope, 18,300 swimming pool noodles and 78,000 square feet of bubble wrap. It’s mad.

So whilst we sit and patiently wait for volume two, here’s a look at some of the amazing behind the scenes production photos showing how Stranger Things was made.

Just some gorgeous, gorgeous boys

via @dufferbrothres on Instagram

Henry Creel getting his glam, via @dufferbrothres on Instagram

via @strangerthingstv on Instagram

via @dufferbrothres on Instagram

via @strangerthingstv on Instagram

via @JoBloHorrorTrailers on YouTube

Max in the Upside Down

via @JoBloHorrorTrailers on YouTube


Some Vecna bits

via @VanityFair on YouTube

Vecna’s lair, via @TheThings on YouTube

via @TheThings on YouTube

via YouTube

Some random scenes

where Steve died into Water Gate, via @TheThings on YouTube

They build the Demogorgon pit we see in the Russian prision from scratch, via @TheThings on YouTube

Dacre came back for a small Billy role!!

via @dacremontgomery on Instagram

via @dacremontgomery on Instagram

Just some Martin Brenner and Eleven love

via @matthewmodine on Instagram

Look at the vibes

via @strangerthingstv on Instagram

via @strangerthingstv on Instagram

via @strangerthingstv on Instagram

When Vecna had hold of Fred

Natalia in the Upside Down getting slimed up

Millie hanging around between takes

The Hellfire gang getting ready to play

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