‘I don’t take sh*t’: Anthony Joshua is not sorry for threatening to crack students’ jaws

The heavyweight boxer also claimed to buy Loughborough students 100 pizzas every weekend

Last month Anthony Joshua told a bunch of Loughborough students he would “crack” their “glass jaws” if they ever crossed him again. But it seems the only one cracking up is the two-time world heavyweight champion.

Anthony Joshua regularly trains at Loughborough Uni campus and it seems he’s yet to make peace with the student way of life.

After a group of students started taunting him about refusing to fight Tyson Fury, Joshua reportedly buzzed himself into their flat (a power few boxers possess), before doing what any grown 32-year-old man would do… He threatened to crack their jaws.

Since the incident, Joshua has been tight-lipped, kept his mouth shut and indeed, not exercised his jaw in a way that might explain his total headloss…until now.

In a press conference, Joshua said: “The reason I had to address them was that their block and my block were next to each other and they couldn’t get comfortable calling me names from a window.

“I told them ‘I am here to work, I am not playing games with anyone and they were crossing the wrong person.'”

He added: “There were four or five of them and that’s the only reason I dealt with them in that fashion. I told them that, if they see me on my own again and they want to shout that shit at me, I will break your jaw. We left it at that and I spoke to them afterwards and we shook hands.”

Joshua also detailed how he’s been performing the role of an freshers’ fair voucher booklet in a bid to make a few mates. “I bought them all 100 pizzas every weekend, I try to do what I can for all people,” he said.

But in exchange for that pizza, Joshua demands that he receives a big old slice of respect, saying: “If you cross me, you are crossing the wrong person. I don’t take shit from anyone. That’s number one.”

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