‘I’ll start cracking your glass jaws,’ Anthony Joshua tells group of Loughborough students

The boxer burst into the flat after the students mocked him from their window

Anthony Joshua has been caught on film threatening to crack students’ jaws in a halls of residence at Loughborough University.

The shocking footage shows the two-time former unified world heavyweight champion threatening the students in their flat, after they taunted him for continuing to refuse to fight fellow champion Tyson Fury.

In a hilarious response to the incident, rival Fury tweeted “I have this effect on the best of them”.

Joshua, 32, regularly trains at Loughborough’s campus. After threatening to assault the students, he can be heard telling them to watch their mouths, because “you don’t know who you’re talking to”.

Standing in a communal area of the uni flat, the 6’6″ heavyweight appears to address one individual student, a smaller male dressed in a white shirt, who doesn’t respond to Joshua’s rage in the 17-second video.

Joshua gained access to the building by buzzing into one of the flats, The Sun reports.

A source at Loughborough University told the paper: “I don’t think they expected him to retaliate and I don’t think they’ll be doing something like that again”.

“They picked on the wrong guy”, another added.


The students were supposedly mocking Joshua because he has continually refused to fight fellow British heavyweight Tyson Fury. For such an encounter, Fury, 33, has pledged he would come out of retirement – it would be one of the most anticipated boxing events for many years.

As an OBE, Anthony Joshua has a strong public image and was ranked the world’s most “marketable” athlete in 2017. The damning footage, however, shows an altogether different side to him.

Anthony Joshua has not publicly commented on this story.

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