Glastonbury flags 2022

These Glastonbury 2022 flags prove British festival culture is alive and well

‘I didn’t become a little bit of a flag, I became a total flag’

Glastonbury 2022 saw the return of many things like iconic performances and festival toilet horror but we all know the biggest return goes to: the flags. We saw so many jokes flags being waved over the weekend. For example the unhinged Come Dine With Me man who shoved an entire whisk into his gob was plastered across a fabric banner flapping about in the wind. The Glasto flag huns were out in full force after three years away, here’s a rundown of the best ones.

1. Very fitting

2. A classic

3. I need this in my bedroom

4. The tie dye is a vibe

5. The Glasto huns were out in full force

6. Not the McLovin ID

7. Not the audience Paul McCartney intended to have

8. Here she is

9. Not Binley Mega Chippy

10. ‘Let’s get naked’

11. Percy Pig at Glasto 2022 is iconic

12. I need this in my life

13. ‘Live, Laugh, Lorde’

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