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From alien-hunting to iCarly – this is what the Sonny with a Chance cast are up to now

The Mandela Effect is finding out there were only two seasons

It’s been 13 (!!!) years since Sonny with a Chance first aired on Disney Channel, featuring a baby Demi Lovato and a LOT of poorly-written sketches.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Demi has become the breakout star of the show – especially after they also made their name in the Camp Rock films, Glee stint and seven huge albums.

But, what else are the cast up to these days? Does anyone remember those pictures of Sterling Knight looking like someone’s uncle resurfacing? Here’s what every other Sonny with a Chance star is doing now:

Demi Lovato – Sonny

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It’s been a long slog for Demi, this life. The horrid stuff aside, the singer/actor overcame drug addiction, mental illness and stigma surrounding their gender and sexuality to become a hugely successful star. They’re currently the host of Unexplained with Demi Lovato – a show all about extra-terrestrial discovery. In August, they’ll be releasing their eighth studio album, Holy Fvck.

Tiffany Thornton – Tawni

Tiffany played the one true diva Tawni Hart – but the actor couldn’t be more different in real life. Her last acting role was in 2015, in a show called Muertoons. Around this time, her husband (and dad to two of her children) sadly died.

According to her Instagram, Tiffany has since gone on to have two more kids with her new husband, Josiah.

Sterling Knight – Chad Dylan Cooper

Chad Dylan Cooper was the unparalleled star of MacKenzie Falls, played by Sterling Knight.

As well as Sonny with a Chance, Sterling has also been in Melissa & Joey, as well as The Muppets. Apparently, he charges 50 quid to quote Chad on Cameo. He also basically looks like a suburban American dad now.

Brandon Mychal Smith – Nico

Brandon played one-half of Disney’s most iconic comedy duo – Nico and Grady. He also starred in Mindy Kaling’s remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Most Hated Woman in America.

Doug Brochu – Grady

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After playing Grady in Sonny with a Chance, Doug also starred in iconic Disney cartoon Fish Hooks. He later moved on to play Duke Lubberman in iCarly – both the kids’ and adults’ version.

Allisyn Snyder – Zora

Allisyn Ashley Arm – now known as Allisyn Snyder – played the (mildly irritating) youngest member of the cast, Zora. After the show ended, she got married to Kickin’ It star Dylan Snyder. She now directs short horror films and had a recurring role in US comedy A.P. Bio for three years.

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