extremely online

Quiz: What percentage Extremely Online are you?

Do you desperately need to touch grass? Let’s find out!!

Ironically, the only people who’ll know what an Extremely Online person is, are the most Extremely Online people out there.

It’s a blessing and a curse to be so in-the-know all the time. When your friends are drinking green smoothies, paying bills and doing dog yoga every Wednesday afternoon, it’s difficult to broach the subject of – say – why people are editing acrylics onto Tom Holland without sounding really weird.

Doubly so if you’re dating an Extremely Offline person. You’re trusted to keep them in the loop with all the latest internet drama – and that’s a burden I’d never want to shoulder.

So, if you see your daily phone time report as a challenge and your dialect is filled with buzzwords you’ve found on Twitter, you’re probably Extremely Online. But there’s only one way to know for sure. Take this (very scientific) quiz to find out just how Online you actually are:

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Featured image via Nickelodeon before edits.