The 13 most unhinged and wild moments from 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

They should have called it a day with that ridiculous golf scene

You might think nothing at all happened in the sequel to film 365 Days. But that’s where you’d be wrong, because 365 Days: This Day was actually packed full of some of the most ridiculous moments in a Netflix movie to date. I’m talking full-scale we should probably check if everyone involved in making this film is ok kinda content.

Some of the film was straight up weird, other parts were just nuts and basically, I’m not entirely sure what I just spent the last couple of hours of my life watching. Here are all the wildest and most batshit moments from 365 Days: This Day on Netflix. Strap in, this is a lot.

1. Ok we are less than two minutes in and the shagging has started

Was the first full line of this film “I don’t have panties”? Yes, yes it was.

2. The golf course scene is beyond weird

The most wild moments in 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

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Yes, you really did just watch Massimo aim a golf ball between Laura’s legs. Are we all losing the plot already?


Gross. Did not need. Could have lived my life without and will be scarred forever.

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4. When Laura got Massimo sex for Christmas

Massimo got Laura an entire clothing brand for Christmas which, side note, can you even do? But Laura just got him a shag like they haven’t been doing that back-to-back since the very day they met. No thought has gone into his gift whatsoever and I’m here for it. But if I were Massimo, I’d be pissed off.

5. Are Laura and Massimo really gonna kiss like that around the family Christmas table?!

The most wild moments in 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

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There are children running around!!!!

6. When Laura threw her phone in the ocean and it landed in the water instantly

I’m done. I’m so done.

7. Laura is really just packing her life up and running off with the gardener

Later in the film, after seeing who she thinks is Massimo cheating on her, Laura decides she’s had enough. She packs up and leaves with Nacho. Yes, Nacho is ridiculously good looking, but are we forgetting that he’s just the house gardener who she met like a day ago? Laura make some good decisions for once, please!!!

The most wild moments in 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

On second thoughts, I get it


So, Massimo didn’t cheat?! And there are TWO of him?! What in the Princess Switch is going on here?!!!

9. Sorry, but who creates these incredible food spreads?

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It’s literally breakfast, who has time for this? Entirely unrealistic if you ask me.

10. This jet-ski scene is very music video

When Laura and Nacho go out on a jet-ski it’s giving promo video for the new series of Love Island. It’s the Ibiza song of the summer club anthem playing in the background that really makes it. I’m half expecting Iain Stirling to announce that Laura and Nacho are two bombshells ready to stir things up in the villa.

The most wild moments in 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

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11. Not Massimo’s twin just being him with contact lenses and a dodgy accent

Sorry but one of the most ridiculous moments in all of 365 Days: This Day is when we fully get to see Massimo’s new mysterious twin and it’s just a slightly unhinged version of him wearing contact lenses, a signet ring and with a different accent. Netflix please try harder.

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Why has this film waited a whole dead ass hour and a half to have any plot at all? And now suddenly you want me to accept this wild ending?! Anna has shot Laura, Nacho has shot Anna and Massimo has shot his twin and I’m shook. This is the longest I’ve seen any of these characters in clothing! I’ve been sat quietly watching a porno music video for over an hour and now THIS?!

13. Laura can’t be dead again?!

The most wild moments in 365 Days: This Day on Netflix

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Right, so it completely failed to address at the start of this film that we all believed Laura was dead after the accident in the tunnel at the end of the first film and now you’re going to half-arsed kill the poor girl AGAIN?! Best believe I’ll be tuning into the third film to watch her magically appear on screen unscathed with no context.

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