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These are all the young royals on TikTok you need to be following

A kingdom and thousands of followers? Life is not fair

On TikTok there’s influencer royalty such as Flossie Clegg, Olivia Neill and Kate Elisabeth, and then there’s actual royalty. Yep, real princes and princesses are all creating TikTok accounts. They’re just like us – creating TikToks about dancing, makeup and hanging with their friends, except there’s one big difference – they’re fully fledged blue blooded royals.

Young members of international royal families including the Netherlands, Greece and Norway are all going viral on TikTok and gaining thousands of followers in the process.

And the wild thing is, you probably wouldn’t realise they’re royal as their TikToks just feature normal things. There’s not a castle in sight. Instead its hair tutorials, dances to viral audios and dog videos. So now I want to be all their best mates.

These are all the young royals on TikTok:

Princess Carolina of Bourbon Two Sicilies

via Instagram @carolinadebourbon

TikTok: @carolinadebourbon

Carolina de Bourbon is part of the royal family of Bourbon-Two Sicilies who once ruled over southern Italy and Sicily. She is 18 years old and currently studying social sciences, marketing and management at Harvard.

Carolina currently has just over 13,000 followers on TikTok and she mainly posts videos with her sister Chiara, often dancing or doing outfit styling.

Princess Chiara of Bourbon Two Sicilies

via Instagram @chiaradebourbon

TikTok: @chiaradebourbon

Chiara is Carolina’s younger sister and is also popular on TikTok with just over 5,000 followers. She mainly shares dancing TikToks, the odd outfit video and the very occasional recipe.

Chiara is 17 years old and already has graduated from her A-Levels in which she got three A*s and two As.

Prince Achileas of Greece and Denmark

via Instagram @achi_of_greece

TikTok: @princeachileas

Easily the fittest prince around, Prince Achileas of Greece and Denmark is 21 years old and currently studying at NYU. He spent most of his childhood in England and went to Wellington College.

On TikTok Achileas has just over 14,000 followers despite only posting four TikToks so far. His TikToks are essentially him dancing with his mates and yet I am obsessed.

Princess Olympia of Greece and Denmark

via Instagram @olympiagreece

TikTok: @olympiagreece22

Princess Olympia is the older sister of Achileas and is 26 years old. Olympia is heavily involved in fashion, both working as a model and having studied at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Olympia has modelled for Teen Vogue, Tatler and Hello magazine. She has 250,000 followers on Instagram and is now on TikTok with over 10,000 followers.

On her TikTok she has done dances to viral audios and shared a TikTok of her with her sausage dog.

Leah Behn

royals tiktok

via Instagram @leahhhbeauty

TikTok: @notleahhhbeauty

Leah Behn is 17 years old and easily one of the coolest royals on TikTok. She is currently sixth in line of succession to the throne of Norway and has just signed to Norway’s top modelling agency.

On TikTok Leah has nearly 150,000 followers and posts nearly every day. Her TikToks involve documenting her life, sharing beauty tutorials and doing clothing hauls.

Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau

royals tiktok

via Instagram @eloisevanoranje

TikTok: @everyprofilenameistaken

Countess Eloise is the last of the young European royals on TikTok and yet she has the biggest following at 217,700 followers.

Eloise is part of the Dutch royal family and currently fifth in line to the throne. She is 19 years old and in further education.

Her TikTok is a total vibe. She has over 3million likes across her videos which include recreating outfits from Pinterest, beauty tutorials and taking the piss out of media stories about her.

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