Tesco meal deals are going up by 50p today and this is the worst inflation news yet

‘Truly a dark day for British lunch’

In what may possibly be the worst meal deal-related news of all time, Tesco meal deal prices are increasing by 50p to £3.50 today.

People are pretty much going into meltdown, with one person on Twitter saying this “marks the start of Britain’s downfall” and another saying it’s a “dark day for British lunch”.

But don’t panic, because your meal deal dreams aren’t over yet – the Tesco meal deal is still £3 if you have a sweet, sweet Clubcard.

Tesco is known for its ridiculous Clubcard prices, where you can save so much money by simply scanning your Clubcard, and now you can save 50p on your meal deals with one.

For the rest of you suckers though it’s now £3.50 – but honestly why wouldn’t you get a Clubcard? They’re free and can save you an absolute ton of money.

So the price will be back at what you were always used to, but at least you can feel smug when your Clubcard-less friends have to fork out an extra 50p than you.

There’s even more Tesco meal deal news though – you can now get a Costa as your meal deal drink in certain stores that have the Costa Express machine. This offer lasts until 25th May and only works on Regular sized drinks, but is still a bargain.

Here’s what everyone is saying on Twitter about the Tesco meal deal price increasing by 50p:


2. A true nightmare

3. A dark day indeed x

4. It really does

5. Never forget :'(

6. Now it’s personal


8. This is not what Lizzo meant when she wrote Rumors

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