shrek in the sky filter

This is how to get the iconic ‘Shrek In The Sky’ filter on TikTok

Shrek a real baddie tho

No one has chokehold on TikTok more than Shrek. That green loveable ogre’s hashtag has over 9 billion views with videos of iconic Shrek memes, people dressing up as Shrek and detailed fan theories about the movies. And now the latest addition to the Shrekification of TikTok is the “Shrek In The Sky” filter.

This filter sees Shrek in a black vinyl catsuit dancing to either Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” or Lily Allen’s “LDN” which features the line that gives the filter the name, “Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why/ Would I wanna be anywhere else?”

People have been showing Shrek pop up in a variety of scenarios, booty popping all over their city.

It was created by TikToker Maxim Kuzlin who is known for creating some classic filters. The Shrek one, which of course is called “Yassified Shrek” has already been seen over 20million times including a TikTok created by Noah Beck.

So how do I get the Shrek In The Sky filter? This is what you need to do:

1. Open TikTok.

2. Click on the Search bar and type “Yassified Shrek”.

3. Click on the top video.

4. Click on the “Try Effect”.

5. And voila go and make your TikTok featuring Shrek.

These are some of the best Shrek In The Sky TikToks:

@maria_lynn_92 What are you doing in my swamp?! #shrek #shrekinthesky #swamp #gaga #lovegame #justforfun #filterfun #fyp #filter ♬ love game gimme more – edits

@leahgilberttt Eunice’s really going for it #stormeunice #shrekinthesky #shrek ♬ love game gimme more – edits

@lucybronze Making moves #FYP #ShrekInTheSky ♬ BONG BING – CRISTALE

@sarah.sociables Weird vibes downtown today #yyc #calgary #shrekinthesky #tiktokcalgary #yycgirls #calgary_yyc #shrek ♬ love game gimme more – edits

@rosebruford2 #stormeunice is making mad moves #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff #shrekinthesky ♬ LDN – Lily Allen

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