Julia Fox Unka Jahms TikTok

Try and work out what a muse is and enjoy these 12 Julia Fox ‘Unka Jahms’ TikToks

Do you know what I mean? Things like that x

“What is a muse?” “Well, I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Unka Jahms, do you know what I mean? Things like that.” Honest to god, never before in my life have an exchange of two sentences been on such constant loop in my head. Not even just my head, because it seems that the entirety of TikTok has also become instantly infatuated with a Julia Fox interview where she utters the name of her 2019 breakout film Uncut Gems as UNKA JAHMS. Uncle Jams. Unkhergerms. Everyone has their own interpretation of its spelling, but the tea is that Julia Fox elevated the film’s title into a state of non-verbal camp. It’s kind of like when on RuPaul’s Drag Race the queens play a Beverly Hills stereotype up to the max, except this is real life. And not parody. Which is getting increasingly harder to believe.

Of course, TikTok is absolutely lapping up the Julia Fox Unka Jahms chaos, and here’s a little roundup of all the funniest ones so that you too, in time, can become either Ye or Josh Safdie’s muse. If you so wish. Do you know what I mean? Things like that.

1. The original – can’t knock a classic

@spotify Here for @juliafox #kanyewest being each others’ muses 💕 #juliafox #callherdaddy #daddygang #ye #popculturetea ♬ original sound – Spotify

2. This is flawless and someone commented under it ‘lobotomy goals’ BYE

@dumbmackenzie #stitch with @spotify ♬ original sound – Mackenzie

3. I can’t stop walking round my house saying Unka Jahms

@daiquiriheiress #juliafox #uncutgems ♬ original sound – alexis

4. Uncle Johns!

@carolinagelen i can’t stop saying uncut jaeyyyyms #uncutgems ♬ original sound – carolinagelen

5. No, no wait… Uncle JIMS

@annaroisman #stitch with @spotify thank you @Call Her Daddy & @Mackenzie I have a new language🙏 #uncutgems ♬ original sound – Anna Roisman

6. I could honestly spend all day working out different ways to say UNKA JAHMS

@jackmartin #stitch with @spotify I Was Josh Safdie’s Muse When He Wrote Uncut Gems #juliafox ♬ original sound – Jack Martin

7. The parasitic alien tongue dropped me absolutely out

@chloeatlarge #juliafox #uncutgems #kanyewest ♬ original sound – Spotify

8. There is nothing funnier than a Wikipedia edit

@ericazetterquist I had to wiki her cuz I had no idea who this woman was before Ye #juliafox #uncutgems #callherdaddypodcast #ye #kanye ♬ original sound – Spotify

9. Me when I’m a muse

@danthegurl It’s not easy being this inspiring ✨ #muse #fyp #fypシ #foryou #uncutgems #juliafox #ye #foryoupage #pov #valentinesday #valentines #ranking ♬ original sound – Spotify

10. If you’re not walking round the house saying Unka Jahms then what are you doing?

@danielleglanz ✨ANKA JAHMZ✨ #uncutgems #juliafox #callherdaddy ♬ original sound – Danielle Glanz

11. Oh okay it’s actually Unka Yams

@itsrandyalexander #stitch with @spotify #uncutgems #juliafox ♬ original sound – itsrandyalexander

12. The entire internet right now absolutely relates

@louis.hanson it will not leave my brain #uncutgems #juliafox ♬ original sound – Louis Hanson

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