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The Met Police will reinvestigate Caroline Flack’s assault charge, two years on from her death

She’d always denied hurting her ex

A 2019 assault charge brought against Caroline Flack is set to be reinvestigated by the Met, a police watchdog has said.

The former Love Island presenter was arrested on suspicion of hitting her ex-boyfriend Lewis Burton, after an argument about his alleged cheating turned physical. Flack had consistently denied “hurting” Burton, claiming she’d only ever “hurt myself.”

Her mother, Christine, revealed Flack found out prosecutors were going to press on with charges just one day before her death. The case had been expected to be thrown out of court.

caroline flack

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On 15th February 2020, Flack was found dead in her Stoke Newington home. Coroner Mary Hassell concluded that Flack knew she was being prosecuted, and didn’t think she’d be able to cope with the pursuing press coverage.

Christine admitted the charges played a significant part in her daughter’s death: “She couldn’t see a way out,” she said.

She explained how she’d lost her faith in the police force, insisting she’s “got to (re-open the investigation) for (Caroline).”

caroline flack

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The police watchdog made a statement regarding the new investigation: “Following a review, the IOPC (Independent Office For Police Conduct) agreed with the MPS that service was acceptable in relation to seven areas of the complaints relating to the response and handling of the incident by the MPS.

“The IOPC has directed the MPS to reinvestigate one element of the complaints. This relates to the process involved in appealing the CPS decision to caution Ms Flack.

“We will re-examine this element of the investigative process. Our thoughts and sympathies remain with Caroline’s family.”

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