Caroline Flack’s ex Andrew Brady jailed for four months for harassing Dan Wootton

The judge described Brady’s actions as ‘irrational’ and ‘narcissistic’

Caroline Flack’s ex-fiancé Andrew Brady has been jailed for four months for harassing GB News presenter Dan Wootton.

On Friday 4th February Brady was sentenced to four months in jail after admitting to harassing Wootton during a hearing on 1st February. He was also given a 10 year restraining order banning him from contacting Wootton, posting about him online or going within 200 yards of him.

Brady was sentenced after a two month campagin in 2021 in which he compared Wootton to Harvey Weinstein and called him a “sex offender” and “murderer” and blamed him for the death of his ex-fiancé Caroline Flack.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC at Sheffield Crown Court said claims Wootton was responsible for the death of Caroline were “wholly irrational.”

Brady is said to have conducted a harassment campagin from 13 February to 28 April 2021 against Wootton to cause him “alarm and distress” and used WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube to do so.

The prosecutor Laura Marshall said Brady sent WhatsApp voice messages to Wootton including “you are culpable for people’s deaths” and “you are an evil man who needs to be dealt with.”

The judge said Brady’s attacks were due to him being ignored by the press and had “everything to do with your craving for celebrity status and your irritation that the press were not in the least interested in your somewhat uninteresting life”.

Judge Richardson also described Brady’s actions as “irrational” and “narcissistic”.

A statement written by Dan Wootton was read out in court in which he described how much he loved Caroline Flack and that Brady had no right to speak on Caroline’s behalf.

He said: “I only ever wrote stories about Caroline that she wanted to be published. She knew I had her back. The public should be aware that he (Brady) has no credibility to speak on behalf of Caroline. I hope he gets the help he needs.”

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