British TikTok huns quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic British TikTok hun you are

Look, we can’t all be Ann Russell

I always find it quite amusing how varied everyone’s TikTok For You Page is. You could have yours filled with young bright faces doing various jaunty TikTok dances and wearing trendy clothes. You could have a load of Americans doing sketches. You could get a load of clips from classic reality telly moments. But, if your FYP is like mine, you could spend your days scrolling through a TikTok feed of the most iconic huns this cursed island currently has to offer. And I wouldn’t have it any other way – these salt of the earth women keep this country afloat and I love every single one of them. They’re the pillars that hold the app up strong to me, but this quiz will tell you which of the four main British TikTok huns you really are deep down.

Will you be Ann Russell – the new queen of clean whose helpful and accessible tips, tricks and advice on cleaning your gaff make Kim and Aggie look scruffy? Will you be Nanna Bea – the Keighley night shift worker who lives with Grandpa Dave and spends her days whipping up Spam butties? Will you be New Forest Sara – the icon from Devon that is doing more to keep British people employed than the current British government? Or will you be the darling Becki Jones – the unfairly trolled What I Eat In A Day icon from Ellesmere Port? Only one way to find out for good, and that’s by taking this quiz to find out which of the British TikTok huns you really are.

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