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Olivia Neill says her ‘biggest fear’ is being cancelled again

‘The whole of the UK can be making fun of you at any given second’

In the most recent episode of her Spotify podcast, Inner Monologue, Olivia Neill said her biggest fear is being cancelled.

She also revealed she has broken up with her boyfriend of two months after just announcing they were official in the episode before.

When discussing her biggest fear, she mentioned how the last time she was cancelled for breaking her covid bubble has left an “impending doom” hanging over her.

Olivia also said she agrees with cancelling someone when they have said something “absolutely horrible” which offends minority groups. She says it’s only then fair to “de-platform them, make them lose their job and don’t support them”. But she also says cancel culture often means bullying people.

In the podcast episode she says: “I kind of hate talking about it because it’s really scarring but I did kind of experience it one time. It was completely my own fault, I could’ve avoided it if I just hadn’t done what I did. I talked about it on my YouTube, I broke my covid bubble and I saw two people outside of my bubble and it was a really stupid thing to do. I faced a lot of consequences because of it and rightly so – I was so ashamed of myself.”

Olivia revealed during that time, people online would find her parents’ work emails and send hate about her. She says, “It was really intense and I couldn’t go on my phone for like a month.” Apparently this is what has left her with an “impending doom” of being cancelled again.

She admits being terrified of the idea that she could look on her phone and “the whole of the UK can be making fun of you at any given second.”

Olivia also discussed her new ex-boyfriend and how they broke up just after two months of dating. Toward the end of last year, fans speculated she had been dating an edgy musician called Orlando Chorly and in the second to most recent episode she confirmed they were officially dating. But things didn’t last long as in today’s upload she announced they were no longer together and haven’t been since after Christmas sometime.

Apparently the pair were meant to go to Jamaica together as Olivia booked the holiday as a Christmas present for him but she went with one of her friends instead after they broke up.

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