RuPaul’s Drag Race winners: From entering the Werk Room to how they look now

The glow ups are REAL

The winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race have evolved a lot since they first stepped into the Werk Room – especially considering some of them stepped into it nearly 15 years ago! RuPaul’s Drag Race gave these winners the platform to elevate their drag and conquer the world – here’s the then and now evolution of the winners of the 13 winners of the mainline Drag Race franchise and how their craft has changed since they first entered the competition.

Bebe Zahara Benet – Season one

The first ever winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race entered the Werk Room before anyone even knew what kind of phenomenon the show would be, and it’s safe to say that Bebe has got even more sickening since season one. The original MOTHER!

Tyra Sanchez – Season two

James Ross has retired from drag and from Tyra, but the glow up from season two to the end of their drag career was REAL.

Raja – Season three

Raja has continued to be THEE fashion queen since she changed the game all the way back on Drag Race season three.

Sharon Needles – Season four

Since wining season four, Sharon Needles’ distinct spooky style has softened into a more glam look resulting in one of the most notable Drag Race winners than and now contrasts.

Jinkx Monsoon – Season five

Jinkx was rough and ready on their season, but since their underdog win has really refined their craft into a wonderfully polished queen who thrives on the stage.

Bianca Del Rio – Season six

Bianca came in polished, and with her own clear style. She never slipped up in the competition and had her uniqueness nailed right on – and since she won the crown she has continued serving her statement.

Violet Chachki – Season seven

Violet Chachki has always been a fashion icon, she was born one – but since she joined the winners circle of Drag Race her then and now shows exactly how elevated and editorial her drag now is. WOW.

Bob The Drag Queen – Season eight

Bob won season eight not for her looks, but her star quality. Since taking the crown, she’s elevated her looks and makeup right up to the iconic level of her personality, and looks INSANELY good.

Sasha Velour – Season nine

Since joining the Drag Race winners circle, Sasha Velour’s then and now showcases her trademark brand done to an even higher standard to the excellence she served on season nine.

Aquaria – Season 10

At the time, Aquaria was the youngest winner ever and from the moment she walked in she screamed winner. Since taking the crown, a scroll of her Insta is all you need to do to know Ru made the right choice as she’s just gone from strength to strength.

Yvie Oddly – Season 11

I mean, LOOK AT HER! Yvie looks so good – such an iconic and unique queen.

Jaida Essence Hall – Season 12

Jaida served pageant excellence from her first entrance, and made all her Drag Race looks from scratch. She only won the show a couple of years ago but already her drag looks even MORE refined.

Symone – Season 13

Urgh, Symone. A queen. Since she won the show, she’s established herself as an absolute name in fashion and has adapted her drag into the editorial version of a style that was already so chic and fashion forward. An absolute icon, and deserving winner.

With season 14 in full flow, it won’t be long til mainline Drag Race gets its 14th queen in this hall of fame. I can hardly wait.

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