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As well as being ambushed by cake, Boris Johnson has now been ambushed by these 17 memes

Okay but seriously has anyone checked on Sue Gray recently?

The latest in a long, long line of alleged parties the government threw over lockdown is here – and this time it’s apparently Boris Johnson’s own birthday party back in 2020, when precisely no one else in the whole country was able to celebrate their birthdays. Up to 30 people attending enjoyed M&S snacks and watched Boris’ wife present him with a birthday cake, ITV reports – no word yet as to whether it was a Colin the Caterpillar cake.

But all is not lost! A Tory MP has come to Boris’ defence saying he was simply “ambushed with a cake”. Happens to the best of us, right? Well, people on Twitter are not happy and are rinsing the whole situation. Number 10 have said a group of staff “gathered briefly” after a meeting with Boris to wish him happy birthday, and said the Prime Minister himself was there for less than 10 minutes. But enough of them, here are all the best tweets and memes about the birthday party where Boris Johnson was apparently the victim of a cake ambush:

1. The only thing that could improve Love Actually would be a Boris Johnson cake ambush scene

2. You know you’ve fucked it when even Nigella gets involved

3. Pls no

4. Happens to us all!!!

5. A crucial piece of the puzzle

6. This girl literally manifested the cake ambush

7. Ha ha ha rip my social life x

8. Not the birthday glasses

9. We need it and we need it NOW

10. How is this real life?!

11. Poor Colin x

12. Poor Sue x

13. Weeping

14. Move over Boris Johnson, Bruce was the original cake ambush

15. Consider yourself ambushed

16. Where do I start?

17. You know what? This is not wrong

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